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Blog Q&A

Prof. Sundaresan's and Dr. Gilmore's article on functionally graded cathodes for K-O2 batteries has attracted broader attention and ran a Q&A on the significant outcomes of this invention. 

The Q&A is available at this link

NSF's weekly video features our research on Potassium-Oxygen battery

National Science Foundation releases a weekly video featuring 4 awesome discoveries on YouTube. 

In this week's video released on Saturday, our research on Potassium-Oxygen battery was featued. 

Parker Evans wins first place in IMR 3MT

A Ph.D. candidate in the group, Parker Evans, presented his work in the 3 minute thesis competition during 2019 IMR Materials Week. 

His presentation won him the first place in this event!!!

Parker Evans is a Translational Plant Sciences program and Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering student and dissertation focuses on developing a device called 'chemical actuator'. 

Congratulations Parker!

Parker Evans 3MT award

Congratulations Dr. Hery!!!

Travis Hery successfully defended his doctoral thesis examination titled "Smart Membrane Separators for Enhanced Performance of Lithium-Ion Batteries" today. Following this successful outcome, he has cleared all the requirements towards a doctoral degree in Mechanical Engineering. Congratulations Dr. Hery!