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Thesis and Dissertations

A summary of thesis and dissertations written by students advised by Prof. Sundaresan is listed below. Follow the links in the left banner for additional details on the various degrees generated from this lab. 


  • Sujasha Gupta, Development and Utilization of a Novel Synaptic Transistor to Detect Dynamic Neuronal Processes, Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering
  • Vijay Venkatesh, Mechanoelectrochemistry of Electroactive Polymers Using Shear-Force Based Near-Field Microscopy, Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering  
  • Ahmed Mohamed, Structural Damage Prognosis of Elastico-Mechanoluminescent Composites via Artificial Neural Networks, B.S. (Hons). Mechanical Engineering 
  • Matt Newman, Fabrication of Li-ion Pouch Cells with Reversible Shutdown Membrane Separators, B.S. (Hons). Mechanical Engineering 


  • Srivatsava Krishnan, Modeling and Characterization of Interfacial Stress Transfer in Mechanoluminescent Smart Particulate Polymer Composites, Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering
  • Travis Hery, Smart Membrane Separators for Enhanced Performance of Lithium-Ion Batteries, Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering
  • Paul Gilmore, Regulation of Oxygen Transport in Potassium-Oxygen Batteries Using Conducting Polymers, Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering


  • Prasant Vijayaraghavan, Investigating the Effect of Thermoelectric Processing on Smart Ionomer Composites, Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering
  • Victoria Yee, Effect of Sulfur-Containing Dopants on Filling Efficiency for Conducting Polymers. B.S. (Hons). Mechanical Engineering


  • Chris Marino, Energy Storage Applications of Ionic Redox Transistor Membranes, B.S. (Hons). Mechanical Engineering


  • Thomas Ziebro, Determining the Porosity of Polypyrrole Membranes for use in Potassium Air Batteries, B.S. (Hons). Mechanical Engineering
  • John Thornton, Swirl and Tumble Control in Direct Injection Engines using Synthetic Jet Actuators, B.S. (Hons). Mechanical Engineering
  • Hugo van der Walt, Transfer Function Analysis of Mechanoluminescent Polymer Composites, B.S. (Hons). Mechanical Engineering
  • Jacob Maddox, Scanning Electrochemical Microscope Electrode Fabrication, B.S. (Hons). Mechanical Engineering
  • Vinithra Venugopal, Kinetics of Ion Transport in Conducting Polymers,Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering


  • Robert Northcutt, Mechanistic Interpretation of Charge Storage in Conducting Polymers, Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering


  • Hao Zhang, Chemoelectromechanical Actuation in Conducting Polymer Hybrid with Bilayer Lipid Membrane, Ph.D., Engineering


  • Robert Northcutt, Suspended Polypyrrole Films Supporting Alamethicin Reconstituted Bilayer Membranes, M.S., Mechanical Engineering