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Ionic Redox Transistor

Energy Environ. Sci., 2016, 9, 2555-25621

The ionic redox transistor is a conducting polymer membrane  in which ion transport is regulated by its redox state. In the case of our implementation, the magnitude of ionic current through the membrane is dependent on the reduced/oxidized state and allows for the membrane to be switched between ON/OFF state. Our results indicate that ionic current across the polymer in its reduced state is facilitated by the affinity of cations to immobile anionic dopant (DBS) and increases with concentration and applied transmembrane potential. The first generation of ionic redox transistor has a maximum conductance of 30μS/cm and a current gain of 60X as the polymer switches between oxidized (Vm>-200mV) and reduced state (Vm<-600mV), as shown in the figure below.