History and Founding Mission

Prof. Sundaresan's research group was established as 'Integrated Material Systems Lab' at Virginia Commonwealth University. This lab moved to The Ohio State University in Fall 2012 and is a single PI-directed research group in the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering.  The founding mission for this lab was to bridge biology and electronics and Prof. Sundaresan's NSF CAREER award on bioderived ionic transistors in Feb 2011 helped us create novel devices towards this goal. Our research has diversified since and includes a wide variety of smart materials. We participate as an individual contributor and collaborator in various research centers towards solving fundamental and translational engineering problems using smart materials.

A top level classification of ongoing research projects and sponsored efforts in the lab are -

  • Electrionic Materials and Devices
  • Energy Storage
  • Biomolecular Devices
  • Structural Composites

Featured Research

Ionic Redox Transistors

Our article on ionic redox transistor and its application in energy storage gained widespread attention. Here are some of the links to these news articles.

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New batteries could cut electric car charging times

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This 'smart' membrane may boost electric car batteries 

Membrane Technology - Feature

“Smart” membrane controls how charge flows inside a battery

TU.no:: Ny membran kan gi elbiler som kan fylles som bensinbiler

Og gi batterier som verken kan ta fyr eller lade seg selv ut